Uptown Bests: Articles and News from July

Here is a rundown of the best, most interesting business articles from this month. Enjoy!



BPlans.com “How to write a one-page business plan”

Idealware.org “11 Ways to Improve your Sponsorship Packages with Online Perks”

CNBC.com “Competitions Help Entrepreneurs Gain Funds, Attention”

VentureBeat.com “5 reasons your startup isn’t ready for crowdfunding”



Idealware.org “Mapping Your Mix: Are You Providing The Right Mix of Content?”

StartupSmart.com “The next social media wave: Five golden rules to follow”

YFSEntrepreneur.com “Multimedia Marketing: How to Plan , Produce, and Promote Your Company Video”



YFSEntrepreneur.com “10 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Boost Daily Productivity”

Forbes.com “Banking Benjamin Franklin’s Advice For Entrepreneurs”

CNBC.com “5 Counterintuitive Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs”

Small Business Trends “Startup Stay Helps Entrepreneurs Ditch Expensive Hotel Stays”

Mashable.com “10 Tips for a More Beautiful and Functional Home Office”

AE Open Forum “Howdy Partner! 10 Things to Do Before You Form a Partnership”

US News “The Best Tips for Tweeting Your Way to a Job”



OpenForum.com “Business Advice From the Fancy Food Show”

Young Entrepreneur “4 Must-Have Elements in a Successful Media Pitch”

Inc.com “2 Web Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know”


Harlem and Other News

NY1  “Manhattan Week: 125th Street: Harlem’s Life Force”

Small Business Trends “Kidworth Aims to Help One Million Young Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses”


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