Uptown Bests: August Articles and News

Here is a rundown of the best, most interesting business articles from the month of August. Enjoy!

1. YFSEntrepreneur “Entrepreneur Interrupted: 3 Ways to Stay Focused and Achieve Business Success” 

2. Inc. “10 Secrets of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur”

3. WSJ “FoundersCard Aims to Soothe Start-Up Stress With Elite Deals, Access”

4. Startup Nation “Crowdfunding Tips from FutureDash”

5. YFSEntrepreneur “5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to your E-Commerce Website”

6.  HBS Working Knowledge “How to Sink a Startup”

7.  Harvard Business Review “Win the Business with this Elevator Pitch”

8.  Crain’s New York  “Building a better deal site”

9. Venture Beat  “Startup lessons from Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann”

10. The Daily Muse  “9 Tips to Ace Your Kickstarter Campaign”

11. CBS Money Watch “The secret to delivering a timed presentation”


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