5th Annual HBA Business Plan Competition Winner

Newsletter 2013 Photo


The Harlem Business Alliance (HBA) is proud to announce the winner of its Fifth Annual Business Plan Competition.

Business plan submissions were reviewed by members of the Judging Committee and narrowed down to five finalists. On April 24, the finalists made their presentations to the Judging Committee, and the winner was selected. The grand prize was awarded to Charmaine DaCosta, owner of Limation!

Limation! is a natural fruit juice made with freshly squeezed limes. Ms. DaCosta began her company through a desire to drink limeade that tasted just as good as the ones she had as a child, in Jamaica. The drink has three flavors: Original, Passion fruit and Lavender. Ms. DaCosta plans to start selling the drink in health stores and supermarket chains.


Regina L. Smith, HBA’s Executive Director said, “Our finalists gave informed presentations and selecting a winner was a difficult decision.Charmaine DaCosta’s product is tasty and has great potential for growth. We plan to continue to assist both her and all the entrants with their business endeavors.”

The competition’s participants are required to meet the following requirements; be at least 18 years old and a legal resident or U.S. citizen; live in Upper Manhattan and have an interest in establishing a for-profit start up business in Harlem; or be an owner of an operating for-profit business located in Upper Manhattan with maximum annual gross revenues of $500,000. This competition provides the grand prize winner with $5,000.


If you are interested in receiving one-on-one assistance with your business plan, please call HBA’s office at 212.665.7010 or email jwebster@hbany.org.

Congratulations again to our winner Charmaine DaCosta!


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