HBA clients on the move

Limation Receives Rave Reviews at the NY Restaurant Expo


“Lemonade has been an American staple beverage for generations but Long Island City entrepreneur Charmaine DaCosta feels that it’s time for the lemon’s less heralded citrus rival to get some attention as a liquid refreshment. Her new company, Limation (mylimation.com), has three flavors of bottled limeade: original, passion fruit and lavender. Limeade is chock-full of vitamin C and antioxidants. It should be noted that it is not a low-calorie drink as it contains pure cane sugar. The flip side of that is that it provides energy after a workout.”  –Lloyd Carroll, Queens Chronicle

“Not only was the beverage amazing, but Charmaine DaCosta is too. This woman entrepreneur is investing her heart and soul in her brand.” –Nancy A. Shenker, Craves and Faves, Bad Girl, Good Business

TNEMNRODA is International

Tnemroda - Axis Expo2

TNEMNRODA, was a featured brand at the Inagural AXIS Trade Show.

AXIS, a fashion lifestyle trade event, is targeted towards young and trendy women. It was a perfect opportunity to showcase TNEMNRODA.

This was founder Samantha Smikle’s first professional trade show. Her participation at the trade show directly led to new domestic and international orders!

Seasoned Vegan

Seasoned Vegan - Wholefoods event1

The UWS Wholefoods selected Season Vegan’s owner, Aaron Beener, to be a panelist at the 2nd Annual Black History Food Expo.

After the panel, guests participated in a food tasting panel inspired by the African diaspora.


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