Launch, Pitch,Grow, Success!

Last night we had the opportunity to have Danny Shaw, Founder of 5 Line Designs,  a business that focuses on assisting clients on establishing their digital presence come lead a workshop on how to Launch, Pitch and Grow your business in the digital world. As Danny is also an Adjunct Professor of Advertising and Marketing at CUNY’s City Tech College, you could really see his passion for helping others learn to use online platforms come to life during this session.

Through the workshop we we learned about the tools necessary to compete in digital spaces and how to make these tools work with the business models that we have identified. Another helpful session for the business owners and entrepreneurs who attended the event were his strategies helping to ensure online business success!

With so many great things covered last night, you’re probably asking yourself why you missed it? Luckily for you, we saved his “Biggest Misses” to help you avoid crucial mistakes when establishing your business online:

  • Not setting up options to get paid
  • Not being prepared when the opportunity presents itself
  • Not setting up a business bank account

That’s all for this week’s workshop! Be sure to Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates on upcoming workshops and events!


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