Regina Smith Will Speak At This Year’s MWBE Empowerment Summit


On Thursday, November 17th, our Executive Director Regina Smith will speak at the MWBE 2016 Economic Empowerment Summit hosted by One Hundred Black Men, Inc.

At this groundbreaking event, participants will receive information about the city and state’s MWBE programs and network with like-minded innovators. The summit will also provide entrepreneurs with key strategies for optimizing their business development programs. Insider tips will be provided that may spur some to re-examine their company’s current sales approach to better ensure a more fruitful 2017 fiscal year.

Noteworthy speakers will include NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, MTA Chief Diversity Officer Michael J. Garner, MBA, and one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Senior Advisors, Reverend Jonnel Dorris.

The program begins at 3pm and will take place at Harlem Hospital Center located at 506 Lenox Avenue.

In addition to outlining the details of New York State’s and New York City’s MWBE programs, the conference will examine the initiatives that will help the city meet it’s ambitious 30% contracting goal.

During the “Build Smart Partnerships” symposium, panelists comprised of private sector corporations will provide insight in to the internal practices used for building successful co-working teams and for gaining new contracts.

Registration is still open for the One Hundred Black Men’s 2016 Economic Empowerment Summit to Re-imagine Your Business. If you are interested in attending, reserve your spot now.


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