4 Steps To Resourcefulness


The Holiday season is fast approaching, and for many in the Black community, this is a time of reflection on the principles of Kwanzaa. Unity, Self-Determination and Faith are all established themes of this holiday. But one element that is subtly apparent throughout the majority of the principles of Kwanzaa is Resourcefulness. In order to participate in Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa) you need to be resourceful. Resourcefulness is inherently ‘Creative’ (Kuumba). Every single theme of Kwanza necessitates Resourcefulness.

So what exactly is Resourcefulness and how can we apply this attribute to our personalities? Resourcefulness is defined as the ability and creativity to cope with difficulties. It’s an element that strong people have definitely relied upon and is a characteristic worth applying to your life.

‘Pigfoot Mary’ – the woman whom our organization is inspired by – was able to build an empire, due to resourcefulness. Studies show a direct correlation between levels of resourcefulness and professional success. During uncertain times, it’s not only beneficial to be resourceful – it’s necessary. Here are 4 surefire ways to start reaping the benefits of being resourceful.

  1. Learn how to carve your own path. A recent article in the Huffington Post showed that the number of Black-Owned Businesses has increased in response to the high unemployment rate among Black College Graduates. Turning no’s into yes’s, learning how to gracefully handle rejection, and not letting setbacks discourage you to the point of immobility are cornerstones to using resourcefulness in reaping professional success.
  2. Use what you have and spin it into something larger. Utilize the ‘experts’ around you and tap into your personal network to compensate for the limitations in your personality and skill-set.
  3. Be proactive and not reactive.
  4. Be opportunistic. Be prepared to act quickly. Analyze the tools that you have, set goals for yourself and create deadlines to ensure that you meet them.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, there is no better time to apply these attributes into your personality and into your professional life. Start 2017 with a fresh take on how you deal with business setbacks and personal limitations.


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