Stay Ahead Of The Curve: Proactively Championing Your Growth in 2017


On Monday, December 19th we’re conducting a workshop – ‘Stay Ahead of the Curve: Proactively Championing Your Growth in 2017.’ Too often, budding, creative and highly-skilled entrepreneurs throw themselves into their passion without being realistic and getting into the nuts and bolts of short and long-term financial business planning.

Even many of us with more responsible intentions simply don’t know where to begin in regard to building a sound growth plan.

At our workshop presented by Kevin Howell of Anchor Business Consultancy LLC, entrepreneurs and small business owners will learn how to get started on the right track to increased revenue in 2017.

Howell will outline:

  • Techniques for goal setting
  • Developing the right planning and measurement dashboard
  • Three key steps that a business can take to increase its revenue
  • Securing financing assistance including how to complete an application.

The workshop begins promptly at 6:30pm at our Creative Workspace located at 275 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027. Hope to see you there!


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